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Ceeda is a leading provider of independent research and intelligence for childcare providers, investors, local authorities and sector stakeholders. Working with the sector for two decades, we are trusted to deliver insight and analysis which drives action and puts evidence at the heart of decision-making.

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What will a Conservative victory mean for the early years sector?

The early years sector faces an £824 million deficit in 2020/21 as the Conservatives sweep back into power

Counting the cost of election manifestos

Forecast funding deficits range from £824 million to £80 million when manifestos are costed in detail.

Time for a sector-led manifesto for early years?

The About Early Years annual report is out! Your A to Z of trends and challenges in the sector, it paints a troubling picture for disadvantaged communities.

Sector comes together to tackle recruitment challenges

The sector is coming together to tackle recruitment challenges, with a wide-ranging research project looking at awareness and perceptions of early education and childcare across the generations. Building on discussions at a recent workforce round-table hosted by Ceeda, the ‘What is EY?’ project will deliver much needed insight into how the sector is perceived today, and how best to communicate the rewards and benefits it offers in the future.

Early years sector faces £662 million funding deficit in 2019/2020

Under increasing pressure, over one in ten nurseries and pre-schools fear closure.

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