Sector salaries rise but remain behind the competition

Latest analysis from Ceeda's About Early Years (AboutEY) research programme shows sector pay still lags behind comparable occupations.

In spring 2019, the average hourly pay for nursery managers was £13.97 compared to £20.42 for roles in the same official classification of 'professional occupations.' This represents a rise of 4% on spring 2018 rates, unadjusted for inflation.

The average rate of pay for practitioners across all qualification levels was £8.74, a rise of 3% since April 2018 and 9.7% lower than the average for comparable occupations of £9.59.

The spring 2019 AboutEY survey wave captured detailed information on childcare provider's operating costs and compared this with government funding for childcare places. With an estimated funding gap of £662 million in 2019/2020 it is unsurprising to find that sector salaries remain uncompetitive, despite statutory rises and market pressures pushing rates upward. 

 Commenting on the results Dr Jo Verrill, managing director, said:

“The early years workforce plays a vital role in improving children’s life chances, yet workers are amongst the lowest paid in the country. The shortfall in government investment is increasingly impacting on the sector’s ability to recruit, retain and develop staff in a tight labour market where employment rates are at record levels.”

Further detail will be shared in our forthcoming annual report due out in October. 

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