Sector comes together to tackle recruitment challenges


The sector is coming together to tackle recruitment challenges, with a wide-ranging research project looking at awareness and perceptions of early education and childcare across the generations. Building on discussions at a recent workforce round-table hosted by Ceeda, the ‘What is EY?’ project will deliver much needed insight into how the sector is perceived today, and how best to communicate the rewards and benefits it offers in the future. Read More

Could your pic win £100 of early years resources?


A picture is worth a thousand words. Enter Ceeda’s photography competition and win £100 of resources for your setting Read More

Rising salaries are pushing settings into the red


The average sector wage to sales ratio in spring 2019 was high at 70.1% Read More

Sector salaries rise but remain behind the competition


Nursery manager pay has risen by 4% since April 2018 and practitioners have seen an average rise of 3% Read More

Join us at the Nursery World Inspection Conference 9th July


Join us at the Nursery World Inspection Conference 9th July Read More

Over 1,700 settings leave Ofsted EYR


In the 3 months to 31 March 2019 1,203 childminders and 536 nurseries and pre-schools left the Ofsted Early Years Register. Read More

Early years sector faces £662 million funding deficit in 2019/2020


Under increasing pressure, over one in ten nurseries and pre-schools fear closure. Read More

Sector leaders come together to consider workforce challenges


Read the highlights from our workforce roundtable Read More

Two fifths of providers receive less funding than in 2013/2014


More than two in every five (44%) nurseries, pre-schools and childminders in England are receiving less funding, in real-terms, than they were five years ago. Read More

Childcare providers face £616.5 million funding gap in 2018


Nurseries and pre-schools face a funding shortfall of over half a billion this year, finds the latest research from Ceeda. Read More

The first term of 30-hours - all the need-to-know figures


The sector has capacity for 332,400 30-hour places but just 46% are completely free Read More

Sector health check from the About Early Years research programme


The first wave of the new sector research programme 'About early Years' finds major recruitment difficulties, a decline in workforce qualification levels and average occupancy levels of 69%. Read More

Staffing shortage threatens delivery of flagship 30-hour childcare offer


Childcare settings in England are struggling to recruit the staff they need to deliver 30 hours free childcare Read More

Seeing the road ahead


Ceeda launches ground-breaking About Early Years sector research programme. Read More

Government underestimates eligibility for 30 hour offer


Up to 500,000 children could be eligible for 30 hours free childcare in 2017/18 Read More

Staff to minimum ratios and save 15% on costs says DfE


Concerns remain about funding levels in early years and the impact that new rates may have on the quality of care. Read More

Increase staffing flexibility to reduce costs says DfE


DfE points to greater staffing efficiency as a means to reduce costs Read More

Why do parents choose your nursery?


Ceeda research reveals that location is the most common driver of decisions on nursery choice. Read More

The questions behind the numbers


National hourly funding rates of £4.88 for 3 to 4 year olds (including Early Years Pupil Premium) and £5.39 for two year olds were announced in the Government’s Autumn Spending Review. Are these rates enough and what lies beneath the numbers? Read More

Autumn Spending Review


Whilst welcome, announced increases in funding rates will not plug funding gaps Read More

Counting the Cost of a National Living Wage


How will the introduction of a National Living Wage impact on the cost of delivering funded places? Ceeda looks to the future with this forecast of delivery costs. Read More

Learning from leavers feedback


Latest results from the Ceeda national leaver survey flag the importance of staff retention. Read the key findings published in Teach Nursery. Read More

Ceeda parent surveys show parent partnerships are strong


Effective communication is at the heart of strong parent partnerships, hear how technology can play a helping hand. Read More

On the move


Moving rooms can be unsettling for children and parents alike. Hear about parent's experiences reported in the Ceeda room mover survey. Read More

Motivating and rewarding your team in a challenging funding environment


How can you motivate and reward your team in a challenging funding environment? Hear the headlines from Ceeda's early years workforce survey and tips from LEYF's Neil King on how to motivate your team. Read More

Counting the cost


A major national study into the cost of delivering funded childcare places in private voluntary and independent (PVI) childcare settings. Read More

Are you getting things off to a good start?


Are you getting things off to a good start for families? The Ceeda settling in survey tracks parents experience in those critical early weeks and months. Read More

Ceeda Benchmark is Gold Dust


Managing Director at Bertram Nurseries Group shares his experience of using parent feedback to enhance quality and parent partnerships. Read More